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Shingle Prices


Price per m²

Round or Honeycomb
(Red or Green)
3,95 Euro / M²

Honeycomb Shingle


They are aesthetic, bitumen-based roofings fitted with 120gr/m 2 fiberglass carrier, APP modified, coated with mineral stones in various colors – HDPE Laminated undersurface – and shaped with decorative patterns.


- It is a long-life material resistant to tough weather conditions, and decorative with color assortment easy and fast to apply.

- As it does not necessitate zinc, gutter, groove, or ridge, it can be applied on all sloped surfaces easily without any problems, thanks to its elasticity.

- It is light and therefore does not press on the roof extremely.

- It does not cause deformation of the roof. It enables you to have problem-free and sound roofs.

- It is absolutely waterproof.

For its application, a water-resistant, very smooth – rigid ( immobile, not flaking etc.) – wooden floor is absolutely necessary. It must be applied by professional workers absolutely. Special care must be given to the chemical structure of the bitumen asphalt, weight of equipment in grams, and climatic conditions of the region of application. Oxidized Bituminous Shingle must not be used especially in hot climate zones.

Benefits of APP: APP Shingles can be applied trough adhering by torching as well as fixing through nailing. This advantage eliminates peeping and leakages possible to emerge in nailing method, and also does not break or crack thanks to its elastic structure arisen from APP.